Information for sellers

Having decided to sell real estate with the help of Realty N1, you are able to make use of one of the most convenient variants:
  • to ring up to our Company by phone number and to get advice of the professional who has rich experience in the sales of real estate;
  • to send your order or a question from the site form having specified parameters of the elite real estate sold and having kept informed of the time to communicate with a specialist preferable for you;
  • to drop at one of our offices located in Jurmala and Riga for a cup of coffee, where our specialists will tell you on the process of selling your apartments or house.
Detailed information on your property will allow us render you more detailed consultation and to stipulate further action on its possible sales.
Our cooperation starts from signing the service providing agreement relative to the search for a buyer of you real estate and making purchase and sale transaction.
ORDO Agency uses a wide spectrum of information areas for placing information on the units intended for sales. This is our web-page , which offers the units of real estate in Jurmala and Riga, print media, Internet-portals on real estate, outdoor advertising, booklets, etc.
The Agency makes a responsible use of the quality of placed information: all real estate characteristics should be given precise; it is mandatory to have qualified pictures available on the unit; text description of positive details significant for a potential buyer is of no less importance.
If you are willing to protect yourself from any problems related to the procedure of real estate sales, you will not be mistaken with the choice of a reliable company applying to Realty N1.

We guarantee to our customers
  • all-round advertising of real estate
  • competent shows
  • timely collection of documents
  • professional transaction support
You will be pleased with our activities!